Sunday, March 20, 2016

Here are some reviews from Amazon

By Ellie Romiez on March 19, 2016
"Leyni's God Adventure" is an inspirational book about a child's, selfless prayer to God's ears.
It is about a little, girl's dream to feed the hungry and find precious water for people a world apart from her's.
It brings herself, family and community together to help finance her dream.  God's gift of love clears a path in answer to prayer.
This book is a well written, powerful message for any age.
Profits go to ending child trafficking and should be included in every library.

By Janice Patterson on March 7, 2016
I home schooled four sons and would have loved this book for them. Now I'll read it with my grandchildren. A child can't help hear this little story without smiling and thinking, "How about if we try my idea to help the poor?!" Parents and children alike will surely be headed off to their own God adventure!

By Sierra on March 3, 2016
This is an absolutely well written book for children, except we enjoyed it too. It is a must have for homes with small children, grandchildren and neighbor children or if you have a day care or baby sit. It shows children the joy of sharing and making a difference in their neighborhoods or even how to give to the poor and needy. It also develops dreams for young people that will expand their lives beyond themselves to help others.
I use this book when ministering to small children. It is a book that should be in every
elementary school
used in home schooling
and Doctor's waiting rooms where children get bored so easily
I cannot think of a place where this book should not be.
Thinking of You gifts for children
reminders that "You are loved ".
and so much more.
The children in our society need to have a book like this to cause them to dream and desire to help others. The proceeds go to helping end child trafficking so these books are a two way blessing. We love this book .Thank You Sandy Hill for writing these awesome children's books.

By Carol Taylor on January 26, 2016
Delightful story about a little girl who felt compassion for people without good water. Clear and upbeat writing embraces family and community support for her decision to follow through on a project to help others. Good example for any child who is questioning how to help. Any adult could learn from her example as well!

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