Saturday, February 28, 2015

Christian Children's Book Review needs Managing Editor

In Search Of: Managing Editor

The ideal candidate for this position loves kids and probably has some of his or her own (even if they are grown). If not, he or she works with children regularly. He or she loves children's books, too, and has a passion for Jesus. Professional writing or editing skills are a plus, but not at all necessary. 
The job of Managing Editor entails seeking out review copies of books (via publishers) and distributing them among the reviewers. The Managing Editor also has other, light jobs, including keeping the blog functional, updating bios, and the like. The Managing Editor may also review books, if he or she desires, but it's not absolutely necessary.

There is a very small stipend involved in this position, but applicants should look at the role of Managing Editor of Christian Children's Book Review more as volunteering for a ministry.

To apply, send an email with a sample of your writing (in the body of the email, or include a link to work published online; please do not send attachments) and a cover letter explaining why you'd like to be Managing Editor at CCBR.

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