Friday, July 19, 2013

How Do Children See Angels?

Hope you enjoy some quotes from Mimi Doe and Garland Waller’s book, Drawing Angels Near, Children Tell of Angels in Words and Pictures.

“When angels wave their arms, it makes music. (age 8)
When I was a baby I used to cry “waa,waa,waa” until my angel came. (age 3)
My angel sounds just like me. (age 5)
My angel has wings and lives up in the sky. They talk to children in their hearts. (age 6)
An angel is a bird with a person in the middle. (age 4)
Angels are silent. They just are there for you. It is like an inside thing. (age 7)
Angels always walk on their tiptoes. (age 6)
Angels love all of the children in the world. (age 6)”

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