Monday, September 19, 2011

The book’s in the mail!

Yes, Heaven, Just Believe is through the production process, printed, and mailed. This fall you will be able to order it on-line, there will be launch parties, and book signings. Would you like to read one of the endorsements for the book?

“Heaven, Just Believe combines vivid imagery and simple childlike faith to a refreshing new light and meaning. As you read the story you can't help but put yourself in the characters shoes and let your own sense of wonder and heaven overtake you. This story gives wings to faith and depicts the beauty of our inheritance in Christ. It will inspire all to ask the question... What happens if we really ask and believe to go up up up!”

Ben Humble, Campus Life Director, Youth for Christ

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auntj98 said...

(that sums it up!)

~Jill Clancey