Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Reading

What books are you reading this year?

I’m reading, Angels in Our Lives by Marie Chapian. I confess I’ve only read about 100 pages of the 266 pages but have already found it different than most angel books I’ve read.  She shares how angels fit into our everyday lives and how to partner with them. This book will bring you up higher in your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this read and I know you will be blessed! Hebrews 1:14:  "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?"

Let’s share any books we’ve discovered worth our reading time.

Just Believe,


auntj98 said...

I am currently reading "City of Tranquil Lights" by Bo Caldwell. It is a memoir of a couple that were missionaries to Northern China in the turbulent early 20th century.

I recommend "Same Kind of Different as Me" a biography by Denver Moore and Ron Hall. It is about the uncommon but amazing relationship of a multi-millionaire and a homeless man, their friendship, trials, and faith.

~Jill Clancey

Sandy Hill said...

Thanks Jill. You always recommend inspirational reads.

Sandy Hill said...

Many of you have sent email recommendations that I'll share: "Living in God's Glory, Hearing & Responding to God's Voice" by Paul & Lynn Crawford. It's about the supernatural experiences of Dudley Perio.
"How to Raise the Dead" by Tyler Johnson
"The Blood and the Glory" by Billie Brym and
"Hunter's Manual on Healing"
Enjoy Reading