Saturday, June 11, 2011

Latest Update on Children’s Picture Book: Heaven, Just Believe

What do you mean, I have a say? As a children’s writer I was taught I do the writing and the illustrator does the drawings and the two shall not meet. But with Tate Publishing, it has been a joy to join with illustrator Jason Hutton in his creative process. With his talent, the characters have come alive with personalities. I must confess it is a surreal feeling seeing your words with faces. There is no peaking but you will be able to see all the characters later this year.
Just Believe,


auntj98 said...

Sandy this is exciting! Have you gotten to see some of the illustration examples already? I a curious what technique they might be using...watercolor, sketch/pencil, cartoon, photographs???! Can't wait to get a glimpse myself. Lord, continued blessings upon this work and strength, anticipation and peace upon Sandy!

Sandy Hill said...

Thanks Jill. First we discussed the characters and Jason sent pencil sketches. Next he sent an example of a digital watercolor sketch and it was a good fit for the look of the book. It is fun meeting Ashley, Elliot, and Grammy.
Just Believe