Friday, May 6, 2011

Are Bookstores Obsolete?

Today, we read the shocking news about mega bookstores closing and filing bankruptcies. Is the rich experience of walking through the book stacks of your favorite bookstore going away? Is the day coming, when we will no longer have a book to hold?

On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon my husband, Gene, had a surprise for me. He took me to see Powell’s Books, the largest bookstore in Portland. Powell’s sells four million new and used books a year with a half million books in stock. We had a wonderful time exploring all the books and seeing people everywhere enjoying the book buying process.

First, I found the children’s book department. I browsed the award-winning children’s books. It fascinated me to see the past winners all the way back to the 1940’s. I enjoyed looking at the staff’s current recommendations. It encouraged my heart to see children excited to find their favorite book.

I’m in the research process about writing my next children’s book about angels. I found a stack of interesting books about angels at Powell’s. What a blessings!

I encourage you to visit Powell’s at one of their six locations. We liked:

1005 W. Burnside
Portland, Oregon

Or you can visit on-line at:
And yes, they sell e-books.

Today we can have it all, the bookstore experience and the convenience of e-book readers.

Please share your favorite bookstore experience, especially if you have visited Powell’s.

Enjoy a book today,
Just Believe


CCquiltspeople said...

Bookstores as a collection of volumes and accompanying accessories may be unrecognizable in future, being in the guise of e-book stores with fewer gadgets and bookplates. However some will always prefer a book in hand, no batteries required. I suspect small local stores with large used sections will survive. Will these be in homes to avoid high retail rent? Will garage sales of books soar? Only imagination can visualize.

Unknown said...

I LOVE bookstores. I get somewhat excited with anticipation each time I go in one...what can I find, where can I sit and look through the books? I am so sad to see various bookstores going under and pray that this does not happen entirely. There is still nothing like holding an actual book!
I will have to check out Powell's when we are in Portland!