Thursday, September 27, 2012

Keeping Kids Safe

I spent yesterday morning with happy little faces filled with squeals of delight enjoying the day. I was the guest speaker at the Port Orchard Mom’s Club speaking about child trafficking in our community and how to protect their children. I’ve been asked why I do this and here’s the reason why, the children.
We are all called to create an atmosphere of protection and safety for all children. One way to do that is to download Be A Safe Kid coloring book and share it with a child. Here’s the link:
My thanks to Joanna Guthrie and the Port Orchard Mom’s Club for the opportunity to share with a great group of Moms. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Please Sign Petition to Set Trafficked Woman Free

Honor student Sara Kuzman was trafficked into prostitution at age 13. After three years of abuse she snapped and killed her pimp. She is now serving life. Please watch the video and sign the petition this weekend to set her free. Then forward this to all your friends.

Sign Petition

Blessings & Thanks,
Gene & Sandy