Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Big Day Has Arrived!

Today is the official release of Heaven, Just Believe.  Books can be purchased from Amazon, bookstores like Barnes & Noble, and Tate Publishing. Author signed copies are available from this website. 

Profits from the sale of Heaven, Just Believe will be used to save children sold into the sex industry. My thanks to all of you who purchase a book and partner with me to bless these children.  In the months to follow on my website I will highlight different ministries who are making a difference. 

Each book includes a free audio version which will be available the end of this month.

Check your Christmas list and let me help you with your shopping. Free gift wrapping is available upon request at my website.

Just Believe,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

North Kitsap Event

Author Marge McRae and I joined forces to sell our books at the North Kitsap Holiday Fest in Poulsbo, Washington. We had fun and made new friends. Enjoy the photographs.

The two day event ended with Gene winning a cookbook, The Zucchini Gourmet. That evening we enjoyed lasagna with zucchini and spinach. Yummy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Visual Tour Launch Party

You are invited to join me as I share the launch party event for Heaven, Just Believe. It was a crisp fall day in Port Gamble, Washington. The event took place at St. Paul’s church. Let’s start the visual tour.

St. Paul's Church

It was party time.

Sandy joined Elliot & Ashley. 

Sandy enjoyed the angels LuAnn Buff created from the book, Heaven, Just Believe. If you need special baked goodies email me and I'll connect you with Lu Ann.

The angel cookies were a hit!

    Heaven, Just Believe made the cover of the cake.

  No one went hungry.

      Great, chocolate cake her favorite!

 A boy's dream came true.

    I think he had a little too much sugar.

The ladies had fun.

       Looks like it was a fun time for everyone.

Sandy had so much fun reading to the children.

      Sandy's helper, Emma, loved the feather pen.

         Friends had time for a visit.

Gwynn stopped by the book signing table.

Thanks to all of you who attended the event, purchased books, 
and shared the day with us.

My thanks to Pastor Bob Smith and all the helpers from St. Paul’s church.
My thanks to my heavenly helpers, Gigi Delettrez, Shirley Demmert, Carol Moser, and Carol Taylor.
My thanks to photographers Bernie Delettrez and Gene Hill.

I’m thankful for all of you who blessed this special day and gave me wonderful memories to treasure always.
Love, Sandy

Next Blog: Photographs from the North Kitsap Holiday Event.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Friendly Reminder:

Hope you can join me this Saturday, November 12th from 1-4pm for the book launch party for,
Heaven, Just Believe.

Story times:        1:45, 2:30 and 3:15
Venue:               St. Paul’s Church
Address:            31899 State Highway 104 NE                                 
  Port Gamble, WA 98364